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Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 15:27:27 MST

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>From: "James Rogers" <>
>> Atheism is a religion?
>> This sounds like a problem with the Maoist religion as far as I can tell.
>Excellent point, and one that reminds us that, unlike theists, atheists don't
>wage religious wars. The millions murdered by socialist totalitarianism were
>the victims of ideology, not any pogrom against supernaturalism.

Gosh, that must have made the victims feel so much better :-P

Religion models certain non-theistic belief sets, including Communism and
certain extreme environmentalist sects, very nicely. Similarities
include rejection of factual evidence, belief in some goal which is higher
than human well-being, factionalism, and intolerance of dissent.

The misdeeds of communists and suggestions of certain environmentalists
(AIDS as a good thing, etc.) support my opinion that the problem is the
religious *style* of epistemology and ethics, not the specific beliefs.
The specific beliefs may be more or less harmful; it's the approach
that turns bad beliefs into atrocities.

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