Re: Art of the Jovian Dust Streams

Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 13:34:55 MST

From: Doug Jones

>(SciArt. ArtSci.)

But please please please don't pronounce it "Artsy".

Haha. You are spot on. The reason I wrote this contraction is because the term "artsy" is used by some folks when they do not understand a body of fine art, and/or used by others who have disdain for craft-like art (crafts). While I find it very exhausting for people to confuse crafts with the fine arts, I use "kitsch" rather than artsy for craft like art imitating fine art. The irony is that artsy/arty actually mean pretentious art, not lowbrow art.

Anyway, pronounce "ArtSci" with as a long i vowel. Perhaps, it would have been better to use "ArtSigh"?


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