MED: 123 days with Abiocor heart, man and machine in harmony

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Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 10:11:47 MST

This is really a, ahem, heart warming story for a Monday morning.

Manmade miracle
Robert Tools tells what its like to live with a fully implantable artificial heart

I particularly liked this excerpt:

Stone Phillips: Having this machine where your heart once was, have you gotten used to it?
Robert Tools: I like to think so, because Im not feeling every time, to see if its still running. Im not listening every time, to see if its still running.
Stone Phillips: Does it feel like a part of you?
Robert Tools: Its exactly that. Its a part of who I am. And if you say, Who is Robert Tools? you listen to that heart. And you say, Thats what Robert Tools is.
And at his bedside, he let us listen to the steady whirr of his heart a chance to hear the sound of the future.
Robert Tools: They say having faith in something man-made is wrong. But in this case, I think its right.

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