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From: Miriam English (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 04:25:58 MST

At 03:11 PM 05/11/2001, Damien Broderick wrote:
>At 01:59 PM 11/4/01 -0800, Natasha wrote:
> > (Audio)
> >I'm not sure who all was interviewed for this radio documentary beside
> >I know Stelarc was and hopefully Damien Broderick. I haven't read the
>Won't be up until end of the week in USA, but why not listen to the
>download audio? It's working already.
>I thought Natasha came over very well and melodious.

Yes, Natasha, you make a wonderful ambassador. A beautiful voice. I am
horrified that I sound like a little old lady. (Excuse me while I move my
walking frame.) :-)

>You can tell the
>difference between Natasha and me because my little outburst of giggly
>laughter near the end is more girlish. Aaargh.

Heheheh :-)
At least you don't sound geriatric. :-)

Best wishes,

         - Miriam

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