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> > No, government is neither good nor bad for a very simple and rational
> reason: "government" does not exist.
> That is truly wonderful news!
> Now we can all stop paying taxes.
> Hurrah!
> - J. R.

Proposition A: govenment does not exist
Proposition B: we can stop paying taxes

I was unable to form a logical chain A->...->B

Proposition A is a sub-theorem derived from my *The Exchange Theory of Money*, which purports to show the information theoretic
basis behind the Principle of Least Declining Marginal Utility. I may post excerpts later for comment.
There are several methods of ceasing to pay taxes, fees, fines, etc., if this is of interest. The simplest method is to become a tax
consumer- either a "government" "employee" or recipient of "government" funding". A tax-eater does not contribute anything to the
general tax fund. The reason is simple: one cannot simultaneously give and receive the same item.



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