Re: Art of the Jovian Dust Streams

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 21:31:37 MST

At 01:58 PM 11/5/01 +1100, Damien wrote:

>At 06:16 PM 11/4/01 -0800, Natasha Yoda wrote:
>>All one needs is a to clear to look and see.
>I'm sorry, I'll read that again.

I truly wish I could say I out in the crisp night star gazing the Western
skies and in my elucidation about the mysteries of the universe and simply
drank too much Merlot. Since alcohol is not on my menue these days, I have
to say that I was just plain yoda-ling in the dark and hit a few wrong keys.


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