Re: Fwd: Pushing our buttons

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 19:00:31 MST

"Chen Yixiong, Eric" wrote:
> Vague warnings about ?credible threats? foster fears, raise questions of government?s competence to fight terror at home
> By David Neiwert
> Nov. 2 - Anthrax and hijacked airliners are horrific enough, but they pale in comparison to the possibility that the government is
> no longer competent at protecting the public from those threats. Such a public perception, especially if it became widespread, would
> spread fear even more effectively than an actual attack. Yet the Bush administration?s mixed messages over threats of new terrorist
> attacks - amplified by aggressive, 24/7 media coverage - have moved us another step closer to realizing that once-remote prospect.

Government never has been able to protect you from all terrorism
forever. It is not able and has said so in court many times or
liable to even protect you from common street hoodlums. This is

Will we say the "sky is falling" so loudly that we beg the
government to turn us into a police state so we believe at least
they did everything possible?

I would much prefer a little insecurity or even a lot to that
dead certainty of the end of freedom.

- samantha

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