Re: Think 20

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 18:30:33 MST

Well, once a century passes, any oughts from that period regain their
century prefix, so if you were born in 1901, in the 21st century you say
"nineteen oh one" when describing the date, while back in 1999 you could
still use the 'ought one'. Being born in 2001 gives you an 'ought one'
birthdate until after 2099 passes.

"Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> But was my grandfather born in ought-one, or ought-one, if you only know his name
> and not his relationship to me?
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> > I just say "oh one" or "ought one". The twenty is gonna be with us for
> > another hunnert years. No point stating what ought to be assumed.
> >

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