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Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 14:59:58 MST

this week | Sunday 4 November 2001

Cyborg Dreams

Produced by Ian Walker

"Humans are meaty and wet. We hurt. We die. But we can get over it. The line between natural and artificial is fading. Soon we will be technology and technology will be us. Beyond gender, age, hate and decay.

The first neuronal chip has already been made. The definition of life is expanding, we will become new species. Take pleasure in the machine. "  (Audio)

I'm not sure who all was interviewed for this radio documentary beside myself. I know Stelarc was and hopefully  Damien Broderick.  I haven't read the transcript, but the questions were apt and my mother was sitting in the recording room with me, so I may have been a bit mild.  Maybe not.


"I'd rather be inebriated on a classic life than a 1996 classic Merlot."

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