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Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 06:11:08 MST

How about a robot festival for US extropians?

Experts discuss ideas for robot festival
Academics and robot experts are looking to the future at a gathering to
discuss the development of the UK's first robot festival.

The event could feature robots that play football and wrestle.

Plans are well under way for RoboFesta-UK, which takes place in 2004, and is
expected to attract thousands of enthusiasts from all over the country.

Futuristic designs that are being developed by scientists for the festival
include robot football, robot rescue and robot sumo.

Open University academics and internationally-renowned robot experts are
meeting in Milton Keynes to see how they can make the festival a success.

RoboFesta-UK, which is based on a similar initiative in Japan, aims to help
and encourage young people's creativity and understanding of science and
technology through various robotic activities.

It will involve a series of high profile robot competitions such as robotic
creations designed and built by children.

Chair of RoboFesta-UK, Dr Jeff Johnson, said: "Between now and 2004 there will
be many more children engaging in robot events around the UK. Robot clubs are
springing up everywhere, and the Open University has formed a RoboCup Junior

"We are working with other groups around the UK to make RoboFesta a success."

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