Re: Who are you to "take it easy" on Samantha?

From: John Clark (
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 11:09:25 MST

Technotranscendence <> Wrote:

>the US government should just disengage...

That would be the ideal solution but unfortunately it's not possible.
Al Qaeda doesn't want us to disengage they want us to die.
You think all this is really because the USA has a few hundred soldiers
in Saudi Arabia a thousand miles from Mecca? Baloney. It's because the
Islamic world sees its ideas being made irrelevant by popular western culture
and we can't disengage from that.

> The regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia helped to make al Qaeda possible.

Well, due to cowardice they did turn a blind eye to individuals helping Al Qaeda
in their territory that's true, but that's not nearly as bad as active and open support
by Taleban style nuts. Dictators we can deal with, no problem.

> Also, the Pakistani government -- of course, after the coup it's much the
> same -- helped to put and keep the Taleban in power!

True, but so what? For whatever reason they're willing to help us get rid of the
Taleban now, are you suggesting we should ignore their help? As Churchill said
"If Hitler invaded hell I would give aid to the devil".

              John K Clark

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