Re: Guys, take it easy on Sam. She IS an Extropian.

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 22:41:07 MST

Zero Powers <> Wrote:

> What is the purpose of repeatedly calling her a "blithering idiot?"

When I quote his bloodthirsty words Samantha defends Mr. Bin Laden by
saying I take his words out of context. I point to 6 thousand decaying bodied in
New York and the man's own words "The ruling to kill the Americans and their
allies--civilians and military-- is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do
it in any country in which it is possible to do it" She responds with "It is inaccurate
to state that bin Laden wants to kill you". There is only one explanation for this odd
behavior, the world view of Samantha Atkins is as disconnected from reality as that
of Chomsky or the Taliban. In other words she is a blithering idiot.

>Please consider simply plonking Samantha

Actually I've never plonked anyone in my life, blithering idiots can be amusing.

           John K Clark

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