Re: where we lost America

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 14:52:45 MST

  Do everyone a favor and quote
this passage
<<<We are being farmed, people. Many people, when confronted with these
just say, "well, some people are farmed, other are farmers. I plan on being
a farmer.">>
 Was courtesy of Randy, not me.
  And while you have my attention...
  Pierce has been very very careful to avoid
instructing his followers to practice violent methods.
For all his flaws and/or errors he is much like Duke
in this regard... he knows he has to preach lawful
change.. at least for the time being. So accusing
him of being a coward on this count is way out of line.
Now if you accused him of being a coward for being
afraid of Jews or blacks or lots of little mulatto children
then that would be a supportable opinion.
  Also you should learn to distinguish clearly between
lawyers and career officers. They are very very different.
I suspect you have no military service by the tone of your
commentary. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. .
  And West Point/Annapolis is a far far more honourable
way to go than being an outright Marxist somewhere else.

Have a nice day,

"and i believe, that we'll conceive
to make in hell for us a heaven,
a brave new world, a promised land,
a fortitude of hearts and minds.."

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