Re: TERRORISM: The grim prospects

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 08:27:50 MST

>From: Amara Graps <>

>I've seen some number of articles pointed to on this list about
>extremist Muslims (not always stated that they are "extremist",
>however). I'm bothered by the imbalance.

>Millions of people in the world are Muslims. Even if one allows
>that some of those people entered that religion under societal or
>family pressures, I think that one can assume that a majority of
>those Muslims entered Islam voluntarily and are gaining some value
>from their religion. Therefore, if so many people are finding
>value and support and meaning from their religious world, I would
>like to see a balance of articles about the positive aspects that
>their worldview brings to them. I've not seen those in the
>articles sent to this list, but only articles about extremist
>forms of Islam. Did the newspaper not print them? If not, then
>that's an interesting tidbit. Why did it not consider it
>"sell-worthy news" to print something about the daily (boring but
>positive?) life of a Muslim? Did you not see them?

There have been a number of pro-Muslim articles and TV programs
here on Muslim culture.

That's the rub, this wasn't supposed to be about Islam, it was
supposed to be about terrorism, but it most certainly has become
about Islam, largely because we insist on trying to placate them.

This has turned into a chance for everyone who doesn't like the
U.S. to get out their list of grievances, real or imagined.

>I think that the U.S. needs to respond strongly to the Sept 11
>events, and I feel a lot of sorrow for the victims of that
>violence and resulting anxieties and fear. However, I hope that
>humans will evolve above that 'monster' and learn some important
>things. Personally, I'm interested in learning the truth about
>about bin Laden's motivations, about the different government's
>foreign policies these last few decades, and about the Muslim
>culture. And I know well that the truth is not something that we
>can find out by direct means- it will require a large effort to be
>aware of and understand the different perspectives.

I too think we need to respond strongly, and I'm still waiting for
it to happen.

I think we're on the wrong track. I think we're screwing around and
we need to get serious.

I know all I need to know about Bin Ladens motives, when he is
destroyed he will be out of motives.


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