A renaissance for civil defense?

From: Brian Phillips (deepbluehalo@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 12:40:04 MST

  Holy S**T! To think of seeing this a year ago.
Perhaps some good will come of the new love
affair with "Homeland Security"
  THe article is entitled "A Renaissance for Civil Defense?"
by CDR Michael Dobbs. Good to see a Navy man
writing like this. (guess he deserved that silver cluster neh?)

Question for the floor...
 How would you conceptualize Civil Defense
with a focus more similar to the decentralized
voluntary model of open scource? (I.e. the
opposite of what CDR Dobbs calls the "federal
 (Obviously the mil. will mangle it, coming no where
close to what tech types think of as "open scource"
but I am seeing these words used with regards to
projection of perception..like as in "open scource
intelligence" in some of the other security journals.)
What would open scource civil defense look like?


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