Re: where we lost America

Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 09:52:08 MST

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<< In the final analysis all that can be said about our Elites is that they
 arguably less violent with regards to their stock, and that they don't have
 to be because they are much more skilled liars. :::shrug:::

My sense of it is the most skilled liars are the lawyers and those who have
achived command through attending West Point, and Annapolis.

<<We are being farmed, people. Many people, when confronted with these facts,
just say, "well, some people are farmed, other are farmers. I plan on being
a farmer.">>

Tangentially, there is the notion of unintended results. Jews were banned
from farming, as a means of earning a living in pre-19th century Europe and
the Islamic world. They were permitted, to be money-lenders (Christians were
banned by the Church to do this).

It is worth noting that nazi Pierce seems to have instructed or goaded his
followers to committ attacks, but never ever put his own ass on the line.
Talk about people farming.

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