re: where we lost America

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 08:35:13 MST

Randy wrote
<William Pierce, the hardcore NeoNazi, once wrote that the Jews are people
  Stirling, in one of his superb Draka novels has one of the delicously evil
protagonists saying to their bodyslave
  "Sweetlin, yo' a serf, I'm a Draka. Serfs farm the land, and we farm yo'"
 The difference of course, is that Pierce's ZOG doesn't have all the guns,
and a firm hand on the whip. Any American who spends time watching
the "Jew-dominated outlets of mass media"(tongue firmly in cheek)
deserves to end up like the lemming they are!

  <However, he definitely has a point about people farming with respect to
our govt is run, and I supppose how govt's have always been run, except in
certain uncommon periods and places.>
  In the final analysis all that can be said about our Elites is that they
arguably less violent with regards to their stock, and that they don't have
to be because they are much more skilled liars. :::shrug:::

<We are being farmed, people. Many people, when confronted with these facts,
just say, "well, some people are farmed, other are farmers. I plan on being
a farmer."
Well, that's nice, but the lottery has neever favored the player.>
  Ah but the lottery has only a few winners relative to the players.
The Game of Life has fewer winners than players, but the relative
spread is much less. I would also point out at this juncture that
many of the "ZOG Overlords" (lol) probably made the same call
here. "Oh Vey! Well somebody's got take their money... !".
Given the general mental involvement of the masses why blame
the Jews for chosing to be farmers, rather than the farmed?


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