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Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 17:09:18 MDT

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>Subject: Re: Where we lost America
>Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 18:25:40 -0400 (EDT)
>On Sat, 27 Oct 2001, Randy Smith wrote:
> > Well, you have definitely given it a Extropian spin, but what you are
> > is true. And I am thankful that other people are starting to notice
>what is
> > happening. But its more than just corporations. Our system is somewhat
> > broken, It works better than the 3rd world, but it needs to be
> > A new constitution needs to be written, but I daresay that with the
> > power money has over our govt, it could wind up worse.
> > Yes, *technology*, not nanotech is needed. We need a more transparent
> > Yes, we need less laws, and we could get by on only a few laws passed
> > year. So why not just upgrade our voting system with technology, and
> > the citizenry vote on all laws?
>Maybe have sunset clauses (expiration dates, like on milk) be the norm, and
>any law the legislature presumes to elevate to timeless relevance would
>to have some kind of supermajority in order to pass.
>As a practical matter, where technology is threatening to blow the
>doors off the outhouse and hose is clean is in the area of privacy and
>free expression. That's why they're fighting it tooth and nail.
>I've said this before and will probably say it many more times: the
>number one low entry cost way to defeat bloated statism/corporatism is
>to use and promote the use of crypto, anonymous cash, and anonymous
>communications wherever possible-- preferrably with large number of
>individuals rather than with organizations (you get better bargains
>that way too).
>As I was reading Bob Black's essays (quite a character-- he's kind of
>a leftilist, but he's right on target where authoritarinism is
>concerned) I came upon another way to fight dumb laws: a jury's power
>to NULLIFY laws, and effectively to acquit a defendant in a criminal
>case for ANY reason they collectively feel like. The best kept secret
>in the legal profession. Want out of jury duty? Breathe a word of this
>during jury selection, and you'll be driving back to your regularly
>scheduled job within twenty minutes. So method number two is making
>sure as many US citizens know about the power of nullification as
>possible. For more info, see:

William Pierce, the hardcore NeoNazi, once wrote that the Jews are people
farmers. Well, that's kinda true in a way, both now and in the past, for
historical reasons. Well, of course, most Jews are just ordinary people.
However, he definitely has a point about people farming with respect to how
our govt is run, and I supppose how govt's have always been run, except in
certain uncommon periods and places.
But it's funny that our govt's reaction teh recent terorism has NOT been to
clamp down on keeping OUT possible terrorists(closing the border), but
INSTEAD to clamp down on US, the putative OWNERS of this country, via
proposals to "monitor the Internet",etc.

We are being farmed, people. Many people, when confronted with these facts,
just say, "well, some people are farmed, other are farmers. I plan on being
a farmer."
Well, that's nice, but the lottery has neever favored the player.

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