Re: posthuman politics

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 23:54:55 MDT

"Steve Nichols" <>

<<A constant theme on this and other lists is whether
we are "posthuman" or merely "transhuman?">>
  I beg to differ. This "theme" is rather a product
of your unwillingness to use the terminology
agreed upon by the forum. According to the
terminology of convenience "we" are neither
transhuman OR posthuman. Transhumanist
is not transhuman.

<This is a nonsensical question based on a
popular misconception that suddenly we will
sprout a second head, or otherwise mutate into
recognisably different (posthuman) creatures!>
  Strawman and a silly one at that.
  Transhumans will likely look much like us,
but there is no telling what in the universe a
posthuman will choose to look like. There is
an accepted terminology in play on this
swingset, you are muddying the water by
argueing definitions. Please stop, or start
your own list.

<Evolution does not operate like this, even in
instances where trans-species change occurs
over a relatively short time (few 1,000's years).
We are already past the "human" stage. >
  Arguably we are past the "paleohuman" stage,
but "modern human" is the typical nomenclature
for a present day Homo sapiens. Not Homo
caelestis or anything of the kind. Not yet.
Not transhuman, certainly not "posthuman".
I could see you arguing "trans imbecile-hominid"
but that's as far as it goes.

<So the question isn't "human, trans- or post-human?"
but "how posthuman?">

  Steve with all due respect. I appreciate your attempt
to sneak in the yoga with yer transhumanism, I do
taoist kungfu myself and play with my ch'i all day at
work. I'm a psych major with a deep background in
various sorts of esoteric subjects. But this is NOT
the local Gardnerian coven or Theosophist society
where you can channel your way to Divine Inspiration.
This is a list about science, technology and the philosophy
they imply. Trying to argue metaphysical or pseudo-science
theories in this context is way out of bounds (i.e. MVT)
  The Way is the Way, let it inform your search for
truth without muddying the channels of other people's
communication ...please?

Steve Nichols

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