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Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 16:46:25 MDT


On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Mike Lorrey wrote:

> The proper location is all dependent upon what sort of hell you think
> the world is heading to. Ice age? go to Texas. Hot age? Come up to NH,
> or Alaska. Nukes? Try rural areas of the west coast. Pick your poison.

The most likely hell I can think of is economic depression, social upheaval,
and scattered acts of terrorism including bioterrorism. More on that in an
upcoming post.

However, I think that obscure quiet locations with a sufficient local
resource base and with no particular strategic value are the best *sort*
of place to look for in whatever part of the country one is in.

> My personal opinion is that if this sort of thing is set up, we should
> designate several locations as Emergency Exclaves, preferably with one
> or more extropes living in the local area designated to maintain caches
> of things paid for by donations by those who want in. It might be good
> to actually buy some plots of land in areas where land is cheap (or
> lease it, which is even cheaper). In northern Maine, for example, you
> can buy lots of land for under $100/acre that is wooded with plenty of
> game and water and is clearable for farming. You can lease land from the
> lumber companies for not much more than the cost of state property taxes
> (each lease usually covers 5 acres and there are a limited number
> offered per unorganized township). I'm sure similar situations exist
> elsewhere in the country.

All excellent points, and I like the term you coined. Exclaves.

> The advantage of having several is that it allows those who wind up with
> limited transportation to reach the closest E-Exclave rather than
> trucking across a continent that may be in ghu what knows condition.

Not to mention that it would lead to multiple strategies being tried
instead of putting all eggs in one basket. That's what I meant by
distributed and diverse.

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