Re: The Great Extropian Fire Drill

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 08:08:00 MDT

"Alex F. Bokov" wrote:
> Let's develop an 'Extropian Fire Drill' where each of us knows "If my
> Dark Ages alarm is triggered, I will get into my car and drive to
> Nowheresville where I will meet up with Joe, Mary, and Bob to the
> extent that their respective Dark Ages alarms are triggered."
> Look forward to your opinions. I hope this turns into something we are
> capable of doing at any moment, and never have to actually do.

Well, I already live in a small town (12,500 pop) in a rural area with
plenty of farmland (though not as much as Texas), and am partly well
set. I'm fine with all the camping/survival equipment, I've got a cabin
to go to (the family owns it and its on leased timberland) and I've
plenty of experience with various sorts of farming as well as
hunter/gathering to make a go of it if need be. I don't have renewable
energy equipment, though. I have been working on building up a library
on book and CD-ROM of technology.

The proper location is all dependent upon what sort of hell you think
the world is heading to. Ice age? go to Texas. Hot age? Come up to NH,
or Alaska. Nukes? Try rural areas of the west coast. Pick your poison.

My personal opinion is that if this sort of thing is set up, we should
designate several locations as Emergency Exclaves, preferably with one
or more extropes living in the local area designated to maintain caches
of things paid for by donations by those who want in. It might be good
to actually buy some plots of land in areas where land is cheap (or
lease it, which is even cheaper). In northern Maine, for example, you
can buy lots of land for under $100/acre that is wooded with plenty of
game and water and is clearable for farming. You can lease land from the
lumber companies for not much more than the cost of state property taxes
(each lease usually covers 5 acres and there are a limited number
offered per unorganized township). I'm sure similar situations exist
elsewhere in the country.

I have some contacts with Champion and Meade Paper Companys' land
management offices.

The advantage of having several is that it allows those who wind up with
limited transportation to reach the closest E-Exclave rather than
trucking across a continent that may be in ghu what knows condition.

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