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Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 03:47:59 MDT

On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 05:18:04PM -0700, J. R. Molloy wrote:
> Secrets of the Mind
> Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, an eloquent neuroscientist, is fascinated by
> patients who have unusual abilities or defects in the way they perceive the
> world. These include such puzzling phenomena as the phantom pain experienced
> in a missing, amputated limb, or the inability to recognize a familiar face
> following a stroke. From these strange cases, Ramachandran is building a novel
> vision of how the brain works. In "Secrets of the Mind," NOVA dramatizes the
> intimate stories of Ramachandran's encounters with his extraordinary patients.
> Original broadcast date: 10/23/2001
> Topics: medicine/disease & research, human biology/behavior
> Hey Anders! Check this out. It's good stuff.

I know, I have listened to Ramachandran's lectures and they are very fun
(last time he got into a debate with last year's nobel laureate Eric
Kandel about art theory). I have not yet read his books, but if they are
half as fun as his lectures they are really worth checking out.

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