TECH: Good articles on bioinformatics, future medicine, speech interfaces

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Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 00:13:46 MDT

Some interesting pieces:

Look Who's Talking
After a decade of deafness, speech interfaces finally are ready to listen
Fred Hapgood, October 15, 2001

Scenarios: Regenerative Medicine is the Future
By Peter Schwartz
Red Herring, October 17, 2001

Brain Researchers Ponder Mechanical Minds
By Thomas Maeder
Red Herring, October 18, 2001

Drug Companies on Speed
BIOINFORMATICS, October 15, 2001
The marriage of IT and medical research may be just what traditional
pharmaceutical companies need to survive in an increasingly competitive
Nearly 75 percent of the drug candidates currently being tested by
pharmaceutical companies will fall short of expectations and never reach
market, resulting in an average of $880 million and 15 years to develop
each new medicine that does make it. Some analysts predict that
bioinformatics could help cut in half the cost of creating a drug and shave
two to three years off its development. This new category of IT tool uses
computers to store, organize, generate, retrieve, analyze and share
genomic, biological and chemical data. Merck researchers used
bioinformatics to compare the entire genome sequence for mice and humans
and discovered a gene in mice that might have the same function as a human
gene affecting schizophrenia.

Hundreds of vendors are jumping on the bioinformatics bandwagon and there
are very few standards.The challenge for CIOs is to piece together these
diverse technologies into a fully integrated drug discovery process.



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