Re: Posthuman Politics

From: Steve Nichols (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 14:42:49 MDT

A constant theme on this and other lists is whether
we are "posthuman" or merely "transhuman?"

This is a nonsensical question based on a
popular misconception that suddenly we will
sprout a second head, or otherwise mutate into
recognisably different (posthuman) creatures!

Evolution does not operate like this, even in
instances where trans-species change occurs
over a relatively short time (few 1,000's years).
We are already past the "human" stage.

Agreed, there will probably be still larger differences
between (C21st) humanoids and humanoids in
the far distant future. But these changes are a
matter of SCALE not of type. Already we are bigger,
longer living, and in command of radically different
technologies to our Victorian C19th forebears.

It is logically entailed that we will become more
and more post/ after- human as time goes on ...

Consciousness-wise, our "self" control has
continued to increase over the aeons as we become
further removed from the time in which our ancestors
had physical pineal eyes, and were cold-blooded,
therefore limited in facets of behaviour that could be
controlled by the animal rather than imposed by the
(solar/ chemical) environment.

So the question isn't "human, trans- or post-human?"
but "how posthuman?"

Steve Nichols

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