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Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 13:38:59 MDT

>From: "Robert J. Bradbury" <>

>One could "educate" the poor teenagers or college
>students that "payback" is necessary to avoid a
>tragedy of the commons. If the software kept a
>decade long history of songs played, these individuals
>could tip at some future time when they are able
>to afford to do so.

Indeed there are numerous ways to generate good revenue in the
music business.

The band "Greatfull Dead" have proven this time and again.

Rather than attempt to exclude people from recording their concerts
they actually provided a limited number of recording slots off of
plugboards for the crowd. Didn't seem to hurt record sales much

They were aware that their best effort was their live shows,
something no one else could effectively duplicate, they were
selling the experience.


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