Re: When is an MP3 like a lighthouse?

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 11:33:50 MDT

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Brian D Williams wrote:

> >> Theft of copyrighted material is theft no matter what those who
> >>do it say to try and justify it.
> Argument-by-definition is argument-by-definition no matter what
> irrational minds say to justify it. If you actually have an
> opinion on the matter with some _content_, please express it: in
> what way is the act of using information "created" by someone else
> (and please tell me what the requisite act of creation is)
> analogous to the act of taking physical possesion of someone's
> tangible property, and how does that analogy justify using force
> (i.e. law) against that user?
> I'm not just arguing from definitions Lee, I'm arguing from legally
> enforceable definitions, and there's nothing irrational about it.
> As you know the creation of ideas is copyrightable under our law
> and enforceable under our law. You can look up the definition and
> rules for such creation online.

So in your mind "illegal" and "wrong" are the same thing? So smoking
a joint _should_ be a felony, even if it's to relieve nausea from
chemotherapy, and betting on a football game or having some friends
over for poker is wrong in those states where it's illegal and right
in those states where it's legal? Yeah, right.

You don't believe that, and using that to justify your refusal to
look at your ethical position on copyright is dishonest and cowardly.
Don't hide behind the law--tell us what you think is actually right
and wrong; and back up your opinion.

I know the details of copyright law much better than you do, trust
me. Probably better than most IP lawyers. I'm also willing to stand
up and say what I think is right and wrong, regardless of the law.
Those un-Extropian minds who confuse ethics with legality get no
respect from me--they have abdicated the use of their minds to the
unwashed masses, and deserve the result.

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