Re: BOOK: The Mystery of Capital

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 03:33:43 MDT

It appears as if Lee Daniel Crocker <> wrote:

|[...] A lot of people who attack what they call "capitalists", for
|example, just assume that capitalists would favor right-to-work laws, for
|example, that libertarians in fact oppose. They assume that trade unions
|are anti-capitalist, when in fact they are a fine capitalist concept.
|Most assume that capitalists support intellectual property, when that
|issue is orthogonal.
|Once we agree on what we're talking about, productive discussion might
|become possible (assuming those doing the discussing are themselves
|capable of rational thought).

I suggest you summarize the libertarian definition of "capitalism".
After Mr. Bokov summarizes his definition we can start discussing
relevant matters instead debating the meaning of words.

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