Re: Singularity Blindness

From: Woody (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 19:30:07 MDT

I would rather say that humans emerge evolve, and adapt in the
enviroment they grow into. Therefore, humans may adapt to an
enviroment that constantly takes advantage of them. This may be
seen as cultural "conditioning"(and the only few times I perceived it
was during cultural shocks) . It is nonetheless natural for the system
being exploited to accept the exploitation, since it has "learned" (a la
pavlov's dog) that the only way to survive was adapting to the
enviroment where he is being taken advantage of.


Rafael> Has anyone discussed the possibility that most
> humans are "culturally conditioned" to experience
> and expect change as linear, rather than exponential?
> Could most human brains even to some extent be
> hard-wired with linear expectations?
> Frederick Mann

Woody <>

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