Re: narcoanalysis

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 18:17:45 MDT

> Why would an honest person refuse to answer a legitimate question?
> This is so inconceivable to me.

Even though I am among those who do not consider "privacy" to be
an inalienable right on the same par as free speech, there is nonetheless
one very good reason for a decent, honest, person to lie or conceal
information from the government--and that is because they will lock you
up for doing harmless things that are none of their damn business. For
example, in a society with a legitimate freedom-protecting government,
when the police ask what I was doing last night, I can say "Why, I
cleaned my sawed-off shotgun, then watched TV and smoked a joint.",
and they will say "Very good, Sir, sorry to bother you." Ours is not
such a society. Lying in self defense is every bit as moral as using
force in self defense.

Obviously, I would rather live under a government where protecting my
privacy was unnecessary. But until then, I have to assume that their
interests and mine intersect only accidentally.

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