Re: What is Bin Rotten was your neighbor?

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Samantha Atkins wrote:
> In case you think my response is paranoid please check out the
> following link. Note that this list of people hauled in
> includes citizens as well as non-citizens. How many of them
> would you like to give sodium-pentothal (not exactly harmless)
> to and/or torture?

This is funny: "The Saudi Arabian government is so concerned it is
                 hiring U.S. lawyers to find Saudi citizens taken into
                 custody and to represent them."

This is the same government with a long record of taking Americans into
detention, torturing them, and refusing to let them see American
diplomats or legal counsel. Don't you see how they are using our own
system against us? For a terrorist, an open society is its own greatest

Furthermore, the following quote exposes the bias: "More than 800 people
have been arrested, and more than 360,000 tips have been pursued in the
largest U.S. criminal investigation in history. But authorities have yet
to develop evidence that anyone in custody knew of the September 11
attacks, according to The New York Times."

It is known that at least four of the detained suspects have had highly
incriminating evidence seized on their persons which implicate them in
the 9-11 attacks. One of whom was arrested after telling his flight
instructor that "I don't need to know how to land or take off, I only
need to know how to fly the plane in the air." The remaining three had
had their flight on a fifth plane that day cancelled and were arrested
on a train to texas with box cutters and large amounts of cash in their
posession (Texas was not the destination of the flight that was
cancelled), indicating they were hoping to escape over the Mexican

The fact that the author lies about this indicates the bias of the
article, and thus it is worthless.

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