Re: Chomsky

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 09:59:22 MDT

Zero Powers <> Wrote:

> since you so affirmatively asserted that you could learn more from listening
> to him [Chomsky] fart than from listening to him speak, whether you had actually taken
>the time to do read him at all, as opposed to simply gleaning the gist of his political
>leanings and, based on little more than that, labeling him an idiot.

It can sometimes take an entire book to prove to the world that you are a genius, however
you can show yourself to be a fool in a much shorter document. I have sometimes read
books written by morons but I didn't know they were morons before I started, life is far too
short to read books written by known fools.

            John K Clark

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