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Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 07:39:13 MDT

>From: "Randy Smith" <>

>But where is the admission from all these people who are
>worshipping capitalism (please, let's be honest!) that a
>relatively small fraction of the population stands to gain
>tremendously from having the population in thrall the
>capitalism-worship? I just don't see that! And I know, just as
>sure as water downhill, that those dynamics exist. And likewise,
>I also know, with the same certainty, that there exist very
>serious conflicts of interest between those who have, and who have
>significantly less. Where is the admission of this obvious fact?

>Great benefits are to be had...the motivation is there...

>Therefore, I protest. And I will continue to do so.

The simple fact is that capitalism has done more good for more
people than any economic system in history.

True it's not perfect, and we're still tuning it, but the simple
fact proven over and over again, is that the lowliest person
economically can raise themselves to whatever status they desire by
following it's tenets.

I was born without two nickels to rub together and have managed to
attain moderate affluence by following it's simple principals.

What Hernando De Soto and his many colleagues have figured out is
what appears to go wrong with those trying to adopt capitalism, and
how to correct it.

The affects in the third world may be astounding.


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