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Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 17:18:08 MDT

Robert J. Bradbury, Sat Oct 20, 2001:

>Here is an interesting article by an Antropology professor at Rutgers:

>"Rogue males"
>Lionel Tiger


>It points out one of the fundamental problems the hording of women
>by the Islamic wealthy so the young poor men have few alternatives but to
>go to war. Not that I'm against "Islam" per se, but this is a fundamental
>problem that is built into the religion (like any priciples against interest)
>Antropologists believe that lack of food or mates are the only two things
>that can sufficiently motivate men to "go to war".

I tend to read news articles with a large dose of skepticism (even
more, web articles and summaries). I've seen too many hugely biased
articles about the U.S. from non-U.S. sources to think otherwise.

Nowadays (*especially* nowadays) I'll believe what is said in a piece
of writing only if I see a large collection of articles to provide a
balanced perspective, or if I trust the source for other reasons.

This article set off my "DANGER: Huge-bias" Detector. He's an
anthropologist ... *of course* there's a scientific theory for the
(Western) newspaper (of which, gives always highly accurate information..
err...) so that the article is "credible" for the readers ...

The article so biased, that it's almost a cliche.


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