Re: What is Bin Rotten was your neighbor?

Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 07:03:02 MDT

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<< I know a fellow who has shut down all of his wells, which produce for
 between $8.00-12.00 per bbl, until oil prices drop back to below $20.00
 per bbl. >>

I hear you, and I understand and appreciate the capitalist notion, and
respect it. But not to the point of national survival. I believe national
survival, till the world can advance technically, and mentally, enough to
handle the Libertarian world-view, is still valid.

I have often thought that of nanotech becomes a massively used, and
massively, useful, means of production; then the nation-state will take a
backseat to a differnt social and economic order. But as of now, it must be
someone pushing to pry America from reliance on OPEC oil. Alter the middle
east policy as you like it, but come hell and high water, we have to change
the OPEC connection.

-One of my half-ass solutions are, in no particular order:

-Extraction of oil from heavy oil sources
-Conversion of natural gas to gasoline
-purchase of oil from non OPEC nations
-increased use of ethanol
-building coal to gasoline plants
-longer term movement to fuel cells and hydrogen

-The committment to build new refineries (something not done in the USA in 30

-building of synfuel and reverse cracking plants
-building of agricultural manufacture of fuel crops

The sad thing is that it may take another loss of American life, and/or the
an oil boycott for America's "war against Islam", something that will emerge
in the the next several months in greater mentionings, iin the Islamic World.

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