MOVIE: The One

Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 20:49:44 MDT

I've been seeing a lot of ads for an upcoming movie starring Jet
Li, called The One, opening November 2. The look of the movie
strongly resembles The Matrix, with super-powered, time-altering and
gravity-defying kung fu fight sequences. And of course "The One" was
the name for Neo in The Matrix. So I would guess that this movie is an
attempt to capitalize on the success of the earlier film.

As nearly as I can make out from the web site,, the sci-fi
concept is based on multiple universes. The MultiVerse Authority (MVA)
is responsible for keeping people from travelling illegally from the
Alpha universe to one of the parallel universes which have been accessed
via quantum tunneling. Jet Li plays Gabriel Yulaw, originally an MVA
agent now turned criminal. Yulaw has learned that if someone kills off
his counterparts in the parallel universes, "Parallel Universe Versions"
(PUVs), they acquire astounding physical powers. If they kill off all of
their PUVs they become immortal and invincible. Yulaw is now trying to
kill his last PUV, in the "Magma" universe, which I think is our world.
He is pursued by MVA agents who are desperate to stop him before he
acquires ultimate power.

While it probably won't have the philosophical implications of The Matrix
it looks like a top notch action film. The previews have Li dodging
bullets and knocking them aside with his gun; leaping over tall fences;
and tossing policemen and vehicles around like toys. Looks like some
good escapist entertainment.


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