Re: Monitoring people (was Re: Meritocracies and freedom ofinformation)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 18:03:42 MDT

"Extropian Agro Forestry Ventures Inc." wrote:
> A relatively simple way to monitor suspicious activity without new
> technology would be to make GPS units manditory for all licenced motor
> vehicles. The necessary infrastructure to continously monitor all
> vehicular motion could then be continously
> examined and sophisticated GIS/mapping overlays could (if the proper
> software was implemented) provide a relatively cheap anti-terrorist
> system that could be in place in 2-5 years.
> This would be intrusive to personal privacy but might there be civilian
> offsets to make this useful?

I don't see how the above does a damn thing for "anti-terrorism"
and I see many applications for government abuse of people. Why
don't you just install a homing chip with all the facts the
government and industry wants to know about you in everyone's
forehead or hand while you are at it? Mark of the beast anyone?

- samantha

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