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Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 14:03:48 MDT

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> > I have provided you with references on how to clear
> > these idols from your mind, namely:
> > "Clear-Your-Mind Reports"
> > <>
> > and 'Bentham's Theory of Fictions' by C.K. Ogden.
>>Have had a look-see.
>>One-Stop Money & Marketing Powerhouse! Money is your
>>main "Idol" then?
> >
>Cheap shot fallacy. Irrelevant diversion. I referred you to
>"Clear-Your-Mind Reports"
><>, not
> Don't you have the rational faculties
>to tell the difference?

Sure I went to those pages .... but so tedious and vacuous
that I quickly left. I suppose sending viewers TO SLEEP
is a form of clearing their minds .... unbelievable that you think
anyone will pay to subscribe for this "information" .... not
an original idea on the whole site. Sorry, but I find you very boring
and see no point in continuing our "debate" if this is what it is.
Hope you overcome your "freedom" idol and other limitations.
Forward into the future .......
Steve Nichols
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