"Posthuman" Delusion (was Re: Posthuman Politics)

From: BigBooster (fm1@amug.org)
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 09:54:46 MDT

At 01:08 AM 10/21/2001 +0100, "Steve Nichols" <steve@multisell.com> wrote:

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> > I have provided you with references on how to clear
> > these idols from your mind, namely:
> > "Clear-Your-Mind Reports"
> > <http://www.buildfreedom.com/dir_clear.htm>
> > and 'Bentham's Theory of Fictions' by C.K. Ogden.
>Have had a look-see. BigBooster.com
>One-Stop Money & Marketing Powerhouse! Money is your
>main "Idol" then?
> >
Cheap shot fallacy. Irrelevant diversion. I referred you to
"Clear-Your-Mind Reports"
<http://www.buildfreedom.com/dir_clear.htm>, not
BigBooster.com. Don't you have the common human
rational faculties to tell the difference?

>If you want
>to do something about bad Laws (whether this is
>just some of them, as I think, or all of them as
>you claim) then stand for political election.

In this debate I've said nothing about "bad Laws"
so-called. That's not the issue. What I've addressed
is the silly notion of "law" in your head. Don't you
have the not-so-common human rational faculty
to tell the difference?

>Well f*ck me sideways, yer not wrong there c*nt.

Does this reflect your "posthuman" reasoning faculties?

>Please refer to me as post-human, Steve Nichols

It looks to me like your "posthuman" claim reeks of

Frederick Mann

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