Re: What is Bin Rotten was your neighbor?

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 08:16:53 MDT

From: "Greg Burch" <>
> BTW, one of these days soon, I'll be writing something I thought I'd be
> pushed by my friends to write sooner -- a defense of my endorsement of state
> action in the present crisis, given my vocal libertarianism in the past ...

As one of your aspiring friends, let me try to explain reluctance to push you
to write said defense by saying that your endorsement of state action in the
present crisis seems quite in line with libertarianism. After all, the
homicidal religious fanatics who perpetrated the 9-11 atrocity are as much (or
more) the enemies of libertarians and extropians as they are enemies of the

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