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From: dwayne (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 02:35:41 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:

> Similarly, some are joining in on the war on terrorism in their own
> anarchical ways. The Dispatchers, for instance, who are responsible for
> the Code Red II and Nimda worm attacks of this summer, have openly
> declared war on the Taliban and al Qaeda, among other terror groups.
> Initially, though, they demonstrated their ignorance by attacking
> websites run by the Northern Alliance (who hold the UN seat of
> Afghanistan, not the Taliban).
> While internet warfare might be effective against al Qaeda in its
> operations, it is hardly of any concern to the Taliban, who operate no
> internet servers that are publicly known, so they could hardly feel any
> damage by direct attacks. Indirect work, like the impediment of
> financial transfers to and from Taliban supporters, might be a useful
> tactic.

I'd suggest that spoof Al Qaeda websites would be far more practical for
people with those sorts of skills, I can't imagine too many hackers will
be out crashing banks to further the US cause.

Well, they might be trying, but I doubt they have the ability.

Now, if Al Qaeda have no websites, aha! Opportunity knocks!

man, this post should have echelon quivering.
Um, nuclear. president. that should do it.

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