Re: BIOTERRORISM: possibly missing smallpox samples?

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Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 01:10:27 MDT

Mr. Coyote, what's with all the &lessthanfoo&greaterthan &lessthan/foo&greaterthan metadata?
What email client are you using, if I may ask?

Robert Coyote wrote:
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> Reasoning may be sound, Haven't People successfully sued
> against Tobacco even with the use
> warnings present on the Cigarette box?
> Use warnings and opt out forms might not be a sufficient
> safeguard against litigation.
> Judicial reform may be needed but that's another thread.
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For some values of "sound", you're right. And for some values of 2, 2 is irrational.

Perhaps if was merely ludicrous _speech_.

The expression "it [is] no use" is bold, and warrants a bold rejoinder. Of course,
I did not hear the original paraphrased by Mr. Lorrey, and I don't know if the TV folks
were doing "creative editing".

The USGummit has wide immunity. Aren't there already n states of emergency on the books
that have never been rescinded? Keep it elective except around plague zones, preferably.



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> > Ludicrous reasoning. Make it a matter of choice, have waivers ready at
> > the doors, and watch people line up.
> >
> > Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > > An 'expert' on CNN last night said that there is no use in conducting
> > > mass immunizations ahead of time to help prevent any possible outbreak
> > > from spreading, on the logic that some 1 in a million people have
> > > mortally allergice reactions to the vaccine
> >

My moronic mnemonic for smart behavior: "DICKS" == 
diplomacy, integrity, courage, kindness, skepticism.

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