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Date: Sat Oct 20 2001 - 12:00:36 MDT

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<< The correct relation between Wahabism and violence is this: Most Wahabis
 not violent -but-virtually all violent Muslims are Wahabis. i don't know how
 close to correct 80% is but I'm confident the figure is over 50%. That does
 not mean 80% or what ever of U.S. muslims are fifth columnists but that
 there is a minorty who are. Typically young, male, unmarried and fairly well
 educated, probably in the sciences. SD
I don't think this is like an equation. I think that there is a more simpler
approach. If the United States is able to impose it's will on the world, and
its "will" has a payoff for the "imposed-on", then we have, perhaps, a much
more stable, and progressive, world situation.

What the USA's "will" turns out to be, is a matter of great conjecture, and
is subjective in nature. Many people will be outraged by my jingoistic
statement. But I will stick with it anyway. Let me set up some sub-goals for
this great world future, that I will impose from my computer desk, to the

1.Peace, or the supression of violence.
2. Global prosperity
2.Non-violent revolutionary political changes
3.An expansion of secular-democracy, also known as a republic
4.Global education and an internationalization of goods and services

Meta-Goal/Method: Utilization of Science and Technology to supports the
aforementioned goals.

You want to defuse Islamic Fundamentalist Guerilla Terror, aimed at the USA
(which is what W Bush really is aiming for)

Hatred of America crosses tribal and political lines in the Islamic "world".
Not all the Islamic celebrators of September 11 attacks, are hard-line
religious fundies. My niece in NJ personally viewed, what appeared to be
Arabic families celebrating the smoke column in the foreground, laughing and
posing for pictures.

To undermine, the religious fanatics, the USA must possess technological
prowess, and know how to use it. I am suggesting goodies and not war
material-energy technolgies, medical advances, other goodies they would want
and we would have.
Plus, yes, we need to also work on the military aspects too, but having our
own fuel supplies is far more critical.

My brother-in-law attended a conference on epidemilogival attacks on the
city-tularemia, smallpox, yes ...anthrax, botulinus clostridium, etc. We are
vulnerable, but we also have to focus, in a parabnoid way, on potential
attackers, before they attack. That is the short-term, while the long-term is
technology, and the attraction of western walues and lifestyle, to undermine
the wahabis, the saddams, the khomeinis, the khaddafy's etc.

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