re:the waves of immigration that now plague this nation

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 22:18:50 MDT

  Speaking as someone who will have to compete
with your skills in the open market in the next few years,
your prescence in the country is nothing I'm losing
sleep over.
  But as a European immigrant who is highly educated
and brings valuable skills to the Republic... you are
highly atypical.
  The system is not set up to deliberately lure you and
those like you to America. This is a pity. Insofar as
America needs influx we need people who say
<As an immigrant I represent a clear gain for the American society. >
   However I suspect you did not come across
the border and insist on affirmative action, state-funded
education for your children in the tongue of your
birthland etc. You hit the shore and started jumping
through hoops to take and pass the boards and
practice your art.
<The question of regulating immigration can best be solved to the benefit of
the American nation by an impartial economic analysis aiming to optimize the
gains and reduce the losses due to immigration, both of which can be
measured. >
  Certainly. I would also add that it is strongly in America's best interest
to solicit such immigrants favourably who will maintain the
historic ethnic proportions that are associated with our country.
We should solicit immigration from populations who have
historically grounded their cultures in order and stable
high trust societies.
   We should NOT be importing a welfare class to compete
with and compound our own problems with homegrown
ethnic problem groups.
   Simply put, if you are a physican, or someone the country
can use, where you are from is irrelevant. But if not... then
we should not import poverty and then subsidize it by
declining to maintain the cultural matrix.

Good luck doc,

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