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Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 13:14:10 MDT

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>Subject: BOOK: The Mystery of Capital
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>J. R. Molloy said:
> > How 'bout China? Not taking off? What do you want... everything at Wal
> > Mart is made in China.
>PBS had a special on last night about the China-Taiwan problem
>and the Two China (City/Rural) economic divide. Apparently the
>rural population (~1 billion) is still living at the 3rd world
>poverty level (or perhaps slightly above) while the cities are where
>the impact of influx of foreign investment and the benefits of
>the return of Hong Kong are being felt.
>Because it is illegal for rural people to migrate into the cities
>they remain unable to climb the economic ladder even if they have
>the skills and/or drive to do so. There is also a huge corruption
>problem that as the government factories are privatized they are
>ending up in the hands of former government officials and/or
>their relatives. Its the same thing that happened in Russia
>all over again, just at a slower pace.

The same happens everywhere!
But it did not happen in Europe or Japan after WW2 b/c the "rebuilding" of
those countries took place under the auspices of the relatively uncorrupt US

Too bad American can't be rebuilt every 30 years in some similar
fashion--kind of like scaling a boat hull for barnacles.

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