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Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 09:28:26 MDT

Mike asked:

Anothuh Mainuh? What paht of Maine did he live in?

Here is more than you probably want to know:

1. CAPT. THOMAS BRADBURY was born 2/28/1609-10, baptized 2/28/1611
in Wicken-Bonant, Essex Co., England, and died 3/16/1694-95 in Salisbury,
MA. He married MARY PERKINS 5/1636 in Salisbury, MA, daughter of JOHN
PERKINS and JUDITH GATER. She was born Abt. 1620, baptized 9/3/1615 in
Hillmorton, Warwickshire, Eng., and died 12/20/1700 in Salisbury, MA.

        Thomas came to Maine probably in 1634 on an unknown ship probably
out of Bristol, owned or chartered by his grand uncle Sir Ferdinando
Gorges who resided there. Thomas was in London 1 May 1634 and in New
England by 5 May 1636. He probably lived on Gorges Point in a house built
by a previous administrator, Richard Vines. He is listed as one of the
original grantees of Salisbury, MA in 1639 and probably moved from York,
ME (Agamenticus) to Salisbury, MA about 1638. He lived there on Mudnuck
road and Mary stayed there eight years after his death. The birth dates of
his first two children is given as York, ME so he evidently didn't move to
Salisbury until after 1638. Some of the birth data of Thomas's children
in "Old Times in North Yarmouth" by C. F. Banks are different from those
in the "Bradbury Memorial." The only graves to be found in the Olde
Burying Ground in Salisbury are those of Thomas, which is badly
deteriorated, and his grandsons Jacob and Thomas and Thomas's wife Mary.
The graves of sons Thomas, William, John and Jabez have not been found. It
is possible that they moved and are buried elsewhere.

All I've got to say is an 84 and 80 year longevities has to be
really exceptional in the 1600s. One has to wonder if in the
early days of America there was not an caloric restriction
effect due to how hard one probably had to work relative to
the food available.

(In reading this I notice some logical date errors I'm going to
have to ask my father about, so you don't have to point them
out to me).


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