Re: fighting Anthrax w/ Dr. Strangelove

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 07:37:08 MDT

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> > > Excellent idea, Mike! This could be a new security service for those
> > > mailbox outlets. They can x-ray mail for devices, sniff it for explosives,
> > > and irradiate it to kill germs.
> >
> > It sounds quite doable, since much mailhandling is centralized and you
> > could hence put up a few irradiation units (you don't want them in every
> > post office, since even the few cobalt 60 irradiation units used in
> > hospitals and food industry have already managed to cause a few nasty
> > accidents). Sure, some mail might not be radiation-resistant, but it can
> > be treated separately.
> I'd be concerned about ordering high-speed film or legitimate
> biological products by mail order. Just imagine what those sea
> monkeys might evolve into...

Well, film, sea monkeys, floppy disks, etc. all tend to be mailed second
or third class. I'm sure that we can make a special class for shipping
such radiation sensitive items in hermetically sealed packages that
would have a warning that the contents have not be sterilized.

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