Killing off anthrax (and anything else)

From: Phil Osborn (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 22:29:33 MDT

It occurred to me that there is a HUGE amount of free radioactive material sitting out there in cooling ponds, etc. Free, in the sense that the owners would love for someone to PLEASE take it off their hands - safely and responsibly of course...

My understanding is that a lot of this material is quite hot. Hot enuf to kill anthrax spores???

So, suppose you glassify it and surround it with leaded glass on all but one side. Then you move it through a possibly anthrax-contaminated area via a robotic device. The Death Rays kill ANYTHING within a certain radius. Glassified, not much gets out but gamma, I would guess, with minimal residual radiation.

A heavy, glassified block of radioactives would pose little danger, being quite difficult to destroy and disperse. It could be wrapped around an air intake or an aquaduct as well..

Is this at all feasible???

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