Re: BOOK: The Mystery of Capital

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 17:31:58 MDT

J. R. Molloy:
>Since it took communism 70 years to mess up their country, we
>shouldn't expect to remedy the situation in only ten.

It is not that simple. Please compare the economic and political
situation of Estonia with Latvia or with Lithuania. Three tiny
formerly prosperous countries, all neighbors, who bore the same
political and economic communist conditions for the same period of
time. Each has advanced their economic and political situation at
vastly different rates during these last 10 years since communism
fell, and now look alot different from each other.

(and I note that the country with the smallest percentage of
communists during the 50 years of occupation, Lithuania, is now the
country farthest behond, compared to the other two, in its economic



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