Re: immigration

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 11:35:17 MDT

> I suspect this will not happen if nothing else the welfare state in
> developed countries will result in net immigration of skill less individuals.

Or the influx of immigrants will encourage the dismantling of the
welfare state, to the benefit of all. We've already seen this in a
few cases, where neighboring states with different levels of welfare
resulted in massive immigration of deadbeats, the more "generous"
state changed its laws. Hell, even San Francisco is now talking
about lowering its budget for homeless programs--that hasn't happened
in my lifetime, but it's happenning now when people have noticed
that the more they spend on homeless programs, the more their numbers

_Working_ immigrants are a good thing, whether white-collar or menial.
Deadbeats are a bad thing, whether they are new immigrants or 12th
generation Americans. We want policies that discourage deadbeats of
all kinds, and encourage working people, including immigrants.

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