Re: fighting Anthrax w/ Dr. Strangelove

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 11:09:34 MDT

Zillions of new industrial high-intensity Cobalt 60 gamma sources available
commercially--partisans will love it. Good luck making them tamperproof.

As one of the Flying Karamazovs used to say, "Squeeze a balloon and
a bulge appears above and below." Ain't nothin' without side effects. :\

I do think the notion has merit on technical grounds. But it seems likely
that if it's done at all, it will only be done at big USPS stations and
the like. You know, where people in government uniforms can't be prosecuted
for incompetence, that sort of thing.


Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote,
> > A solution to the 'anthrax in the mail' problem is rather obvious:
> > irradiate the mail. This would eliminate any threat of bacteriological
> > biowarfare through the mail, and may actually be useful against viral
> > contagions as well.
> Excellent idea, Mike! This could be a new security service for those
> mailbox outlets. They can x-ray mail for devices, sniff it for explosives,
> and irradiate it to kill germs.
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